Dedicated to buying, operating, and growing the great business you started

What I Provide:

  1. Exit opportunities 
  2. Transitioning opportunities
  3. Growth capital, administrative services, and operational expertise 
  4. A dedicated entrepreneur 

Why You're Here:

  1. Looking to sell a small to medium sized business
  2. Looking to retire
  3. Looking to grow your business
  4. Looking to keep your business independent 
  5. Wanting to focus on your specialty, not business tasks
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What I'm not:

A corporate buyer, a private equity firm, a short-term investor 

The Team
I bring my entrepreneurial talent, with backing from investors, to create value for the company you've built.

The Focus
I am actively seeking an established, quality business which provides services to long-term customers. Our criteria include, but is not limited to:

- Dedicated employees
- High Customer Retention
- Owner Looking to transition

Financial :
- Revenues over $5 Million
- Strong profit margins (over 15%)
- Positive cash flows (> $1 million)

The Process
I understand the importance of the decision to transition ownership and follow a collaborative, transparent, and confidential process focused on your needs as a business owner.

Why Choose Kata?
My approach and structure allows for a longer-term view while preserving the independence of your business.  I provide business owners with liquidity and a succession plan.