Kata brings together a dedicated entrepreneur and a committed, highly successful investor group to operate and grow a great business for years to come.


Diego Cuenca
Founder and Principal

Diego has spent his life working with family business and privately-owned companies. Prior to Kata, he worked in different operations, sales, and investment roles in at ALPS Advisory and Bernstein Wealth Management primarily working with families and foundations. Diego has also had experience in early-stage venture capital and founded a surfboard design company- Makara Surf. He spent his childhood working for his brother's fast food franchise and parent’s real estate companies.

Diego received his BA in Economics-Accounting from Claremont Mckenna College and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He is a retired professional MMA competitor and avid martial artist.
Diego and his wife, Jenny, live in Queens, New York.

Our Investors

Diego invests own capital alongside a group of individuals and institutions with significant experience founding, operating, and growing privately-held companies.